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Hello everyone!

I would like to share my new extension Keep Problems, which I think can be very useful.


Keep Problems is a browser extension which helps to save and keep track of problems from different platforms(codeforces, codechef, atcoder etc.)


Add Problem

  • Save problem with link, name, difficulty, tags, code and notes
  • If codeforces problem, then it will fetch name, difficulty and tags
  • For other platforms, it will fetch possible information
  • Add code and notes in code and notes section
  • Manage problems in different folders by giving appropriate folder name

Import/ Export

  • Do you share problems with other? If yes, then this feature can be very useful for you
  • Add and filter problems you want to store and click on "Export" button in navbar. JSON file will be stored in your computer
  • Share this json file with anyone
  • User can "Import" this problems in "Other" page by providing JSON file, folder name (optional) and tags (optional)

Sort, Search, Filter, Edit, Delete

  • Sort by name, date, difficulty in ascending/descending order
  • Search/Filter by name, link, difficulty and tags
  • Edit or Delete problem
  • Filter problems by folder



For more screenshots see here

Install it from Chrome Web Store, Source code is on github

All data will be stored in unlimited chrome local storage

Any feedback or suggestions are welcome.

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Too bad not available for Firefox :( Coming soon? or not at all :(

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Thank you, it's very helpful

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Suggestion: there should be an option to add a short description about the problem while saving... I mean, if I save problems, I'd have short descriptions:

1097D — Easy String DP

622F — Linear Time Polynomial Interpolation

Or maybe even something like... "Solve this before Saturday"

One short sentence will increase the usability by a lot.

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    Hey, thanks for the suggestion. Sounds like a good idea, I'll do it as soon as possible.

    But expect some delay as chrome web store usually takes more than 2-3 days to review extension.