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Sometimes, I read editorial for a problem but it seems unclear and hard to understand or it's from Division 3 and I feel kind of lazy to do it (Link to the problem). Does skipping problems bad? Sometimes I met a Division 3 problem and I really want to skip it but it remains some unsteady knowledge, and when I do it I feel like I've wasted a lot of time for a problem.

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During the contest, you must give a limited time to understand an problem. If you cannot understand it, move to another problem and return to it at a later time to conserve time.

But if you want to solve a problem at any time outside the contest time, you have to give it more than enough time, you can also leave it and return to it again, you will find yourself able to solve it.

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I think that you can skip some problems. I think that some problems have low quality or meaningless to solve, but I hate to skip problem because my laziness.